NOOB REPAIR Episode 11 Part 2: Genesis Model 1+2 Case Region Mod

Mike and Eric are back to show you how to region mode the casing on your Genesis so the Mega Drive Import carts will physically fit. The guys go into great detail, even injuring themselves in the process!

*slight blood alert if anyone is squeamish about that. Don’t worry we’ll warn you before it happens.*
Please note, this does not guarantee every MD cart will work on the Genesis despite the fact that the cart fits in. This is ONLY showing how to mod so you can fit the carts inside the slot. Tune in for part 3 where we discuss this in greater detail!

Huge thanks again to Eric Wright for helping out with this project. Check out Part 1 if you want to know how to mod the casing for the 32X/Genesis 3:…

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