Pac-Man High Score Save Kit Install with Freeplay and attract – Pac-Man restore Part 10


If you missed the first 9 parts of this restore series, go here for the complete playlist:

Whoa! It’s Part #10 of the Pac-Man cabaret / mini restore. In this video we’ll add some features to Pac-Man that were missing from the factory. Yep! We’re talking about high-score save with initials and freeplay with attract. We are going to be applying Souzilla’s modifled roms with the Salva NVRAM board. In this video I’ll show you how to burn the eeproms, how to install the NVRAM board, and more! If you have a Pac-Man or Ms. Pac-Man this is a MUST HAVE MOD! (yes, this mod also works with Ms. Pac-Man!)

Download the modified roms here:

Purchase the NVRAM board here:

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