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Hey guys today I want to share my thoughts on both the Disney Infinity games with you and have a little look at our Marvel collection that goes with it. I talked a little about this game in a couple of my other articles, but let’s get in depth and see if Disney Infinity is a great investment for you guys wanting to have a fun game to play with your kids.

My son and I actually put a lot of time into the first Disney Infinity game. Now to be fair I think for the most part Disney have a history of making or being involved with great games (which is a future article I am working on by the way), and Disney Infinity was no different. The Starter Pack for the first Disney Infinity was a good deal on one hand and kind of screwy on the other. You see it came with three playsets, Monsters University, Pirates Of The Caribbean and The Incredibles; three fun adventures that were all actually good. The screwy part is that you could not play these in two player unless you bought an extra figure from each series! Still with this kind of thing you know, and  going into it that you are going to have to buy a lot of figures to get the most out of it.


We had a lot of fun with Disney Infinity, we got all the other playlets;Toy Story by the way if you ask me (and my son) is the most fun play set out of them all…Including Disney Infinity 2.0. The funny thing is that neither my son or I are what you would call huge Disney fans, but we really got into Disney Infinity. The whole game was just so charming that it was impossible not to enjoy it. There were a few things that I was not too keen on, but for the most part all six of the play sets (levels) that were released for the game were fun and worth the money. Toy Box mode was awesome for my son and other kids who love to create stuff in games so that was an added bonus.

They came the Disney Infinity 2.0 hype trail and holy crap were we hooked from the first announcement trailer. I mean how could we not be? We loved the first Disney Infinity, we loved Marvel Super Heroes video games, toys and movies and now all these things were being smashed together in one awesome package. This in our eyes was a smash hit, so much so that I pre ordered everything that was available on launch day. I do not think I have ever spent as much money on a game (including collectors editions) as I did with Disney Infinity 2.0!


However the excitement we had (well mainly I) was short lived. First of all let me start with something positive about the game. The toys, these are incredible, well detailed and fun looking versions of Marvel Super Heroes. They have captured their likeness so well that I would happily have all of them on a shelf in my game room… if my son did not have them on his. I really cannot praise these highly enough and even if you are not interested in the game, but you are a Marvel fan these are available cheap enough that it is worth getting them just to display.

Now I have a few issues with Disney Infinity 2.0 and I think they are pretty justified. First of all let’s talk about the starter pack. The first game came with three games and the Toy Box. This time though you only get one game The Avengers, play set.  If this play set was three times as long then fair enough, but it was not, add to that, the New York that the game is set in feels just so lifeless, boring and just generally half assed. Now there were two other two box games included in the starter pack, but these do not make up for the lack of a proper single player story to play through.


Disney Infinity 2.0 had two other play sets, Ultimate Spider-Man and Guardians Of The Galaxy, and both of these play sets suffer from the same problems. The Avengers does and that is they are frankly rather boring. The missions are all the same and they fall into mainly three categories, kill that, fetch that or protect that. There is a severe lack of Marvel characters as well. I am not talking about the figures, but characters in the levels. Disney Infinity 2.0 should be filled to the brim with fan service, character cameos and more! The Lego Marvel Super Heroes game is far more fun to play, offers more fan service and in general is way more fun than all of these levels combined!


Perhaps my hopes were too high with Disney Infinity 2.0, but to me the game just feels like all the attention was spent on the toy box mode and the play sets were created with a little effort as possible. Did we have fun playing Disney Infinity 2.0?  Yes we did, but I just wanted there to be so much more and with a property like Marvel, and I really think they could have put more effort into the play sets. Still if you can find the starter pack cheap enough then I am sure it is something you and your kids would have fun playing through.

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