Parental Video Gaming: Beating Our First Game

Beating Our First Game!


You know as guy in his 30’s (early 30’s I might add!) I have got stored in my memory banks some pretty special gaming memories. As a kid my parents were great when it came to video games. Not so much playing them with me, I mean they tried, but it was not really something they were passionate about. They were great in coming through on birthdays, at Christmas and good school reports with video games!

But with my son and I we love to play and beat games together. I remember last year when Lego Batman 3 was released. In the UK, games (unless it’s a worldwide same day release) are released on a Friday. I had the day off, but he was at school so I went in the morning to pick up my pre order, and it honestly was brutal waiting for him to come home so we could play it together. I know to some this will seem odd, but I am sure some of you guys with kids or perhaps younger siblings will understand.


Anyway the point of this article is to share with you the first time my son and I beat a game together. We had played games together before this, but this game was the first one where we were equal partners. I did my part and he did his, and we never needed any help. The game in question was Phineas & Ferb: Across The 2nd Dimension on the Nintendo Wii. Now to some this may not sound like an exciting game, but we had an absolute blast playing through this game, and it’s because of the experience and because of that, it’s now one of my all-time favorite video game memories!


It follows the TV show (well actually movie) very well where you start off as Phineas & Ferb, but you can unlock characters as you progress through the game. The game play is that of an action platform game with some simple puzzle elements thrown in as well. The game is not to hard so it makes for a perfect game to play through if you have young kids. The game gives you many different crazy weapons to kill the enemies including a baseball gun, gravity gun and a soda gun to name some of them. These as well as being weapons are used to solve some of the puzzles. It was so cool as we progressed through the game watching my son take the lead and when we got to a new puzzle he would just jump in and try to do it by himself.


It took us about a week to beat the game, but after I realized that he had inherited one of my traits and that is OCD collecting. This is a game that has quite a lot things to collect, and like I said before there were new characters, costumes and I think other stuff as well. Well he was adamant we would play back through the game until we had all the costumes and all the characters. How could I say no to that! In all, this game which I bought pre owned for about £8 we had to have gotten about 3 weeks’ worth of game play out of.

We have beaten many games since then and hopefully one day when he is a bit older, we can go back and play through the first game we ever beat together. What would be even cooler than that would be if this is a memory he can share with his kids when they are playing some kind of virtual reality, matrix type video game 20 years from now.

I would love to hear in the comments below what the first game you beat with your kids was.

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