PAX East 2012 Details!


Yes, YES, the Penny Arcade and Games Expo is upon us for the year 2012 and the city of Boston is about to be over taken by copious amounts of nerds, fan boys, and top leading industry folks.

John (Gamester81) and I will be attending PAX East this year, and we plan on giving you tons of exclusive content including interviews, sneak peaks at upcoming games, and of course…the merch!  So be sure to check back throughout this Thursday night until Monday night (April 5th-9th) as we will be bringing you tons of fantastic content throughout the day, exclusive pick up’s, coverage, and much much more.

Also, we will be  heading up to the worlds largest classic arcade, Funspot in Laconia, New Hampshire on Monday after PAX East if you’re interested in meeting up with us and you live in that area.  So be sure to be there around afternoon time on Monday April 9th and we will see you there!

Also, don’t be shy…come up and say hi to us! We love talking with people about the same passion that we have…video games!
In addition we will be joined by many more in the YouTube gaming community, including Pete Dorr of All Gen Gamers and YouTube fame, so be sure to visit Pete’s YouTube channel for exclusive PAX East related content as well. On this coming Friday the 6th at 3:00pm Central there will be a YouTube meetup in the main entrance area of the Boston Convention Center, so if you have time, and you’re attending PAX East, come by and say “hi”.

For more information on PAX East, please feel free to visit their main site at for tons of exciting details!
Hopefully we will see you there!

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