The Pinball Arcade Releases Ghostbusters & Phantom of the Opera Pinball Games


Newsletter 32.5


  • Ghostbusters™ Just Released!
  • Phantom of the Opera™ Just Released!
  • Addams Family
  • Table Hint

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Pinball Arcade Fans

Ghostbusters™ Pinball

Ghostbusters™ Pinball has just been released for Google Play and iOS!

Ghostbusters Pinball is fully licensed and based on the movies Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters 2 with music, sound effects, actor likenesses and quotes from both movies.

Ghostbusters™ Pinball (2014): is based on the hit movie released in 1984 and it’s sequel. This game puts you in control of the Ghostbusters crew, featuring Egon, Peter, Ray and Winston, as they battle paranormal foes in New York City. The Playfield is divided into three levels representing iconic settings from the movies: the city, rooftop and subway. Use eight flippers to move the ball through the three levels by shooting up and down ramps, tubes and a manhole as you build up a huge Ghost Bonus. Raise the Slimer Pop Bumper to reveal a ball lock for Multi-Ball and then cross the streams on the roof to destroy the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man!

Our Ghostbusters themed table will be free to download and free to play. Tokens are needed for each game, but you get 10 to start with and you earn at least four tokens each day. People with the Pinball Arcade installed earn tokens twice as fast!

The gameplay is a blast! There are even very detailed instructions and goals to accomplish that help players of all skill levels enjoy all of the table’s features.
Combining the basic layout of the Haunted House table with the awesomeness of Ghostbusters has created an experience that’s a blast to play!

We included Pinball Arcade features like detailed instructions and goals to accomplish that help players of all skill levels enjoy all of the table’s features.

Please Rate us on Google Play and Itunes!!! You guys know how cool pinball is! Let’s introduce the fantastic world of pinball to Ghostbuster fans everywhere. Please help us spread the pinball love by rating us 5 stars on Google Play and iTunes!

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Ghostbusters: TM & © 2014 Columbia Pictures Industries Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Phantom of the Opera™

Phantom of the Opera™ has been released for iOS!

Phantom of the Opera™ (1990): is based on the classic novel from Gaston Leroux, published in 1910. Designed by Joe Kaminkow and Ed Cebula, this game makes excellent use of its license with outstanding audio effects and imagery that tells the story of the Phantom. The playfield features incredible artwork by world-renowned artist, Paul Faris with images of many of the characters from the novel, including the Phantom and Christine Dae. Other notable features are the Catwalk Ramp, Magic Mirror, Trap Door and an Organ that opens for Multi-Ball. The Phantom can even be unmasked and his true face revealed on the back glass! This is the first Data East™ table to be added to the Pinball Arcade.

Check out this footage of Phantom of the Opera™ in action!

Addams Family Kickstarter

The Addams Family Kickstarter has successfully funded! Thanks to all of the amazing support from our fans, we will now be able to begin work on the most popular table of all time! All the staff here are FarSight are continually overwhelmed by the love and support we get from our amazing fans.

Unfortunately, we were not able to secure the license for Christopher Lloyd, so we will have to delicense his image on the playfield and backglass by making some minor edits. Luckily, his voice is not found on the table, so sounds will remain unchanged.

The Kickstarter reached $115,276 exceeding the $97,640 goal! We will be putting the extra $17,636 towards the next big license table!

Click here to visit the Kickstarter page!

Table Hint

Just in case you missed it in the last newsletter:

Twilight Zone™ is the next Free Table of the Month! As always, our Table Hint uses the theme from our next free Table, but leaves a little clue as to what table we’ll be developing next…

Elvira Scared Stiff™ is currently the Free Table of the Month!


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