Pitfall – Adventurous PitFAILS! – Liberty Look (Wii)

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Pitfall is such a classic on the Atari 2600. How does Pitfall The Big Adventure serve up on the Wii? Is this game a hidden gem? And Pitfall Harry could possibly be Samus.

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Aaron Stapish and Ricky Avila both grew up in Southern California. Both grew up mainly playing the NES followed by the Super Nintendo. The two have a real love for games and play almost every night and at least once a week together. They met in high school and shared their love for these systems. Ever since then Aaron and RIcky have been going to swap meets and flea markets in search of all things retro gaming related. In October of 2012 they decided to start filming their hunts with some inspiration from The Game Chasers and The Retro Hunters. They are enjoying support from the gaming community in their pursuit to collect all thing retro gaming related. Some of Aaron and Ricky's other hobbies include surfing and working on projects at home. Both Aaron and Ricky are married with two children. Raising their children is one of the greatest joys in their lives. Both are also huge fans of The Beatles. Favorite systems include SNES, NES, N64, Sega Genesis and Dreamcast. Favorite games include Super Mario RPG (SNES) , River City Ransom (NES) , SunsetRiders (SNES) Strider (GEN) Link to the Past (SNES) and any Contra related game.