PixelTunes Radio Podcast Show: Episode 1 – Composer Showcase


In our first episode, we delve into a showcase of composers. We wanted to share songs that some might be unfamiliar with, and then play a song that is more popular. We cover a wide variety of styles in this podcast, plus toss a few hilarious commercials your way! Here’s the track listing:

Composer David Wise – Battletoads (Arcade): “Level 1” / Donkey Kong Country (SNES): “Aquatic Ambiance”

Composer Yuzo Koshiro – Ys 1 (PC Engine): “Theme of Adol” / Streets of Rage (Genesis): “Attack the Barbarian”

Composer Tommy Tallarico – Global Gladiators (Genesis): “Intro Music” / Earthworm Jim 2 (Genesis): “Lorenzen’s Soil”

Composer Kinyuo Yamashita – Aramana no Kiseki (Famicom): “Levels 1,4,6” / Castlevania (NES): “Hearts of Fire”

Composer Tim Follin – Treasure Master (NES): “Stage 1” / Spiderman & X-Men: Arcade’s Revenge (SNES): “Gambit’s Stage”

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About PixelTunesRadio

PixelTunes Radio is a celebration of video game music in an hour long (give or take a few minutes) podcast format. Created by Ed (Ruiner9) Wilson and Michael (Miketendo) Levy, the concept is simple: every two weeks a new episode with a different theme is released. There's tons of colorful commentary, awesome video game music and of course, hilarious gamer-related fake commercials to enjoy. Please make sure to also download our podcast on iTunes and also on Youtube.com/dongled for a video-streaming option.