PixelTunes Radio Podcast Show: Episode 2 – Beat ‘Em Ups


PixelTunes Radio is back this week with Episode 2 and this time around we’ll be focusing on Beat ‘Em Ups! Loving plowing your fists and feet through street thugs, robots and monsters? Well open up those ears to the smooth sounds of the Beat ‘Em Up with our selected tracks, then laugh your way through out hilarious video game inspired commercials. It’s like listening to the radio, but way more…pixeltunery…yeah…that’s a real word now. Just take our word for it!

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Track listing:

X-Men (Arcade) “Junk Factory”
Godhand (PS2) “Peek a Boo”
TMNT Turtles in Time (Arcade) “Starbase A.D. 2100”
Final Fight (SNES) “Toilet Gang”
Cadillacs & Dinosaurs (Arcade) “Four Heroes”
Streets of Rage 3 (Genesis) “The Poets II”
Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers (SNES) “City”
Double Dragon Neon (XBOX Live Arcade/PSN/Steam) “Mango Tango”
Undercover Cops (SNES) “Northern Barramundi”
Scott Pilgrim v.s. The World The Game (XBOX Live Arcade/PSN) “Rock Club”
Outro track: Godhand (PS2) “Godhand Theme Song – English Version”

Female characters in commercials thanks to Mike’s g/f Patti
Logo by: Brian “Science!” Siecienski
Title Card by: Myla Wilson

See you next week, Pixeltuners!

About PixelTunesRadio

PixelTunes Radio is a celebration of video game music in an hour long (give or take a few minutes) podcast format. Created by Ed (Ruiner9) Wilson and Michael (Miketendo) Levy, the concept is simple: every two weeks a new episode with a different theme is released. There's tons of colorful commentary, awesome video game music and of course, hilarious gamer-related fake commercials to enjoy. Please make sure to also download our podcast on iTunes and also on Youtube.com/dongled for a video-streaming option.