PixelTunes Radio Podcast Show – Episode 6: Beyond Chiptunes


PixelTunes Radio is back for their sixth episode and this time, Ed and Mike’s theme is non-chiptune video game music! Ed talks about his wedding cake topper, Mike shares details about meeting Tommy Tallarico, and our commercials teach you how to use your Sticky Balls to last 30 seconds or less in bed! Enjoy!

Track List:

The Terminator (Sega CD) – “Future Shock”

Joe Montana Football (Sega CD) – “Intro Theme”


Half Life 2 (PC) – “CP Violation + Remix”

Half Minute Hero (PSP) – Intro Song

Half Minute Hero Commercial


Sonic Adventure 2 (DC/Gamecube) – “City Escape”

Future Tactics – The Uprising “Enemy Turn 1”


Resident Evil 2 (Various) – “Whole Line of Staff”

We Love Katamari – “Everlasting Love”

Katamari Commercial


Contra: Shattered Soldier (PS2) – “Battle Train”

Silent Hill 4/ DDR Extreme – “Your Rain (Rage Mix)”


About PixelTunesRadio

PixelTunes Radio is a celebration of video game music in an hour long (give or take a few minutes) podcast format. Created by Ed (Ruiner9) Wilson and Michael (Miketendo) Levy, the concept is simple: every two weeks a new episode with a different theme is released. There's tons of colorful commentary, awesome video game music and of course, hilarious gamer-related fake commercials to enjoy. Please make sure to also download our podcast on iTunes and also on Youtube.com/dongled for a video-streaming option.