PixelTunes Radio Podcast Show – Episode 7: Shmup Trax




Shmups. Shooters. Shoot ‘em ups. No matter what you call them, one fact is true: They showcase some of the best music that their consoles have to offer. In this episode, we find out that Mike compares everything to UN Squadron, and Ed brings out his inner shoot ‘em up snob.

Also, don’t miss our hilarious Zero Wing commercial, and learn about our (almost legal) Shmup Helper kit!

The Tracklist:

1. Summer Carnival ’92 Recca (Famicom) – Recca – Composer: Shioda Nobuyuki

2. Thunder Force IV (Genesis) – Metal Squad (Stage 8) – Composer: Toshiharu Yamanishi

3. Super EDF (SNES) – Boss Attack – Composer: Tsukasa Tawada

4. Zero Wing (Genesis) – New Day for Me – Composers: Tatsuya Uemura, Toshiaki Tomisawa, Masahiro Yuge

5. Super R-Type (SNES) – R Dance – Composer: Takushi Hiyamuta

6. Under Defeat (DC) – Go on a Mission – Composer: Shinji Hosoe
7.Hyper Zone (SNES) – Credits – Composer: Jun Ishikawa

8. U.N. Squadron (SNES) – Project 4 Fortress – Composers: Mari Yamaguchi & Yoshihiro Sakaguchi

9. Dangun Feveron (Arcade) – Dancing Bomber – Composers: Ryuichi Yabuki and Nanpei Misawa

10. Omega Five (Xbox 360 Live Arcade) – The Glacial Fortress – Composer: Hideyuki Iwatsuki

Outro: Section Z (NES) – Level 1 – Composer: Kumi Yamaga, Tamayo Kawamoto

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PixelTunes Radio is a celebration of video game music in an hour long (give or take a few minutes) podcast format. Created by Ed (Ruiner9) Wilson and Michael (Miketendo) Levy, the concept is simple: every two weeks a new episode with a different theme is released. There's tons of colorful commentary, awesome video game music and of course, hilarious gamer-related fake commercials to enjoy. Please make sure to also download our podcast on iTunes and also on Youtube.com/dongled for a video-streaming option.