Quarter Scale Pac Man Machine by Numskull!

Officially licensed by Bandai Namco, Numskull has released a nearly arcade perfect replica of the original Pac Man Arcade Machine!  This little machine brings back so many fond memories of first playing Pac Man in the arcade back in the early 80’s.  A arcade game that is very iconic and a favorite of mine even today!

UPC Label – 0170594805

MSRP: $179.99

Website: http://www.numskull.com/pac-man-quarter-size-arcade-cabinet/

Fan Club: https://www.facebook.com/groups/306414509947612/

This quarter scale replica is limited to 10,000 units worldwide and is the first in a series of quarter scale arcades Numskull plans to release.

The packaging is top notch, great artwork on the outside of the box, plus being a Collector Edition it comes with a certificate of authenticity and a cool pac man coin!  Also in the box is a USB charging cable, however you have to provide the AC adapter for the cable.  The manual for the machine is not included, but can be downloaded from Numskull’s site.

The  machine is very well packed, however there is nothing in front of the coin door.  If the unit is shipped face down, vibration can cause the coin door to come out of the machine (it simply clips back in with no problems)  The packing material should cover the coin door to help prevent this. 

Game sounds are adequate, not perfect,  but do get the job done and sound nice.  Game play is what you would expect, seems to run a little slower from what I remember but it still is quite enjoyable.  The joystick responds extremely well and I had no problems maneuvering Pac Man around the maze.  you get five pac men at the start of the game with a bonus pac man occuring at the 15,000 point level.  The overall cabinet look has been recreated quite well from its arcade counterpart.  Right down to the little joystick, bezel artwork and the awesome light up marquee!  It is made of very stout wood and features rubber feet to prevent it sliding on the countertop.  The coin door in front features two coin up buttons and there is a momentary power switch on the back.  Also on the back is a nice variable volume control, charging jack and power LED. 


  1. OLED Screen!
  2. Great artwork!
  3. larger quarter scale
  4. Great packaging!
  5. Responsive control
  6. Light up Marquee!
  7. Officially licensed by Bandai Namco!
  8. Arcade rom being used!


  1. Sounds/music are a little off
  2. High score is not retained when powered off
  3. Coin door may be popped off in shipping

Overall I really like this quarter scale arcade machine.  Being a limited edition collectible I  Highly recommend picking this up for your collection!  Especially if you are as much of a Pac Maniac as I am!  Really looking forward to Numskull’s next release (should be one every “quarter”)

Rating: (4 out of 5 Minicades)

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