RGV’s Big 1000 Subscriber Contest!!! (And announcement of New Channel!)


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For various reasons (that he’ll tell you about if you message him) Mike is starting a new channel called the “World of Retro Gaming”. This will be his main channel, thus making RGV his second and more easy-going channel. To kick the channel off, Mike tries to gain support with a contest! Please support him by subscribing to WoRG and entering if you want a chance to win a top loader and an awesome NES game!

About RetroGamerVlog

Michael Lottner, a.k.a. Retro Mike, is the star of his own channel, RetroGamerVlog. He is a young fan of classic games who was introduced to his first console the NES at his country home when he was only four years old. Since then Mike has had a passion for games of any and all generation, growing up in the realms of modern and retro games alike. Feeling as if he needed to share his passion for these games with others, he started RetroGamerVlog in February of 2012. Mike prides himself on being a genuine and friendly person. He loves talking to others both about collecting and playing the wonderful old games, and is always looking for more people to discuss them with. Whenever he isn’t playing video games Mike studies, reads, and drinks Mountain Dew. He is also obsessed with Spiderman and Pokemon. Favorite Systems: Gamecube, NES, SNES, Game Gear Favorite Games: Spiderman 2, Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters, Pokemon Yellow, Golden Sun & Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep