Robotron: 2084 Arcade Strategy Pt 2


I’m joined with Darrin to bring you a 3-part series about the arcade game Robotron 2084. I’m joined with Darrin again to bring you part 2 in our series about the arcade game Robotron 2084. This second part deals with intermediate strategies and wave-starting strategy. Darrin is demonstrating the game on difficulty 5 (default. sometimes MAME defaults to difficulty 3). He has a video on showing difficulty 10 (max) and reaching 10 million, then he walks away from the machine like a boss (14 minutes of extra men dying follows).

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Gregg and Mike have known each other for over 20 years, and they've been gaming the whole time. Gregg's first gaming experience was playing Pitfall on the 2600 with his mother at the age of three. Mike's gaming craze started with Mario Bros. on the NES at the age of four. Both of them collect console systems and games too. Arcade collecting began in 2008 when Gregg picked up a Dig Dug machine for a MAME project. Inspired by all of the great gaming channels on Youtube, in May 2012 the guys filmed their first arcade pickup (Galaga). Now they film and pickup one arcade machine a month, and release the episode on the 1st. Gregg is remodeling his basement to resemble an arcade from the 80's, and both hope to have all of the great cabs that they remember from their youth. Gregg: Favorite Arcades: Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., Smash TV, Ms. Pac-man Favorite Systems: Atari 2600, NES Favorite Games: Resident Evil Series, Heavy Rain, Final Fantasy 3 Mike: Favorite Arcades: Galaga, Blasteroids, Break Thru Favorite Systems: NES, SNES, PSX Favorite Games: Super Metroid, Twisted Metal 2, SkyShark