Rock Band Ending DLC


Harmonix recently announced that after April 2nd, 2013 they will no longer be providing any additional new weekly songs for their Rock Band franchise.  To date Harmonix has provided new weekly DLC for Rock Band for 275 concecutive weeks, releasing over 4,000 tracks during this time.  It is fitting that their last DLC track will be American Pie by Don McLean.

If you’re looking to download new tracks for your Rock Band music library, now is the time to do it.  To celebrate the series, Harmonix is having a big 50% off sale on over 1,100 tracks.

The first Rock Band game was released in 2007, and the last entry into the series was Rock Band Blitz available on PSN and XBLA on August 2012.

Do You Play Rock Band?

Do You Play Rock Band?

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I Play Very Little
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