Sega DREAMCAST w/ $800 in Upgrades & Improvements – Did we go too far?

Website: Email: [email protected] Mods: -Citrus 3000PSI’s DCHDMI Mod Kit Installed          -Translucent Aftermarket Old Stock Shell -Region Free Bios Chip Installed   -Battery Mod                    -Fuse Mod                         -Custom LED’s  (Installed with Custom 3d printed parts)                -Custom 3d Printed “Metal Jesus” Logo -Noctua Fan Mod (with 3d printed designs thanks to @collingall)        -PicoPSU Mod (with 3d printed designs thanks to @collingall)        -Motherboard was hand cleaned with 99% IPA and distilled water mixture -GDROM was re-lubed with Hi-quality Shin-Etsu grease

About MetalJesusRocks

The Metal Jesus is a long-haired rocker dude who used to work in the video game industry back in the 90′s at Sierra On-Line (publisher of PC classics like Quest for Glory, King's Quest, Leisure Suit Larry and much more). Later he was the editor of a professional video game review web site, and dabbled in audio & video production. He loves music and video games with a passion!
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