Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution Review


Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution Review

Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution could be viewed as a watered down version of its PC forefathers however it still manages to keep its addicting nature that the series is known for.  It has the unique ability to target both newcomers and veterans with massive amounts of hidden depth below its cartoony surface waiting for series fans to discover. It offers plenty of tutorials and information for those who have never played the series before and various difficulties ensure that those have countless hours of experience never bore. The learning curve is perfect for new players as it slowly eases them into managing their empire and the one small city that they started with soon becomes a vast and mighty empire with cities spread across the world.

Multiplayer also makes the transition from PC to console with up to four players battling it out in typical civilization gameplay. With four win scenarios and endless amounts of strategies available no two games play the same and the 16 leaders on offer each have their own strengths and bonuses with each one suited to their own specific victory. That isn’t to say however if players plan out their tactics correctly even the most peaceful of civilizations can achieve world domination and this is once more shows the hidden depth on offer.

The game also goes against the norm with it’s controls as most console strategy games are often awkward and confusing, Civilization Revolution feels just right for the most part. The console limitations do show late on in matches though, with your cities is spread far and wide, the visuals can begin to stutter and the process of managing an entire empire, with a controller apposed to a keyboard and mouse, can become a bit overwhelming and chaotic. During the later stages of a match the time spent waiting while an opponents turn plays out also increases and players will wish for the quickness of turns experienced at the start of the game.

The game does still hold the quality and captures the addicting nature of the series with its “just one more turn” attitude of the PC forbearers. The game is then a concentrated version that fits perfectly onto consoles and is not the watered down version that it appears to be. [8/10]

This review was written by Joseph O’Hagan.

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