Soundlogic XT MultiCade 230 Review



A interesting desktop mini arcade machine with 230 built in games by Soundlogic XT.   These games are divided up into 4 main categories – Sports, Shooting, Puzzle and Arcade.   Each category has a nice selection of games for the genre, with a few hidden gems mixed in such as Galaga (although it is not called this and has alternative game graphics, but the game play and some of the sounds are the same)

It has a nice 2.5 lighted color LCD display, although some text is hard to read on it in certain games.  The control panel has a joystick, 2 fire buttons, reset, start and sound.   The control pad in the unit has the typical carbon dot mushroom style actuators, no mechanical switches are in this device.  I did find the controls responded nicely while playing the games.  The sound has 4 levels – Off, Low, Medium and Loud.   In some games the sounds do distort during gameplay and the music does get repetitive.

Running on 3 AA batteries you can expect to get around 4 hours of play time.      The manual shows the names and screenshots of the games included on the MultiCade.  Likewise you can see a screen shot of a game and its title when on the game selection screen.


  • Wide variety of games
  • Some very good reworked arcade classics (Defender, Galaga, Elevator Action, Etc…)
  • Nice cabinet artwork
  • Decent controls


  • Sound distortions in some games
  • Game music gets repetitive
  • Low resolution screen

Overall I like this MultiCade, much better than the DreamGear My Arcade I reviewed some time ago.   With a better selection of games and a improved graphical interface, this MultiCade is more desirable for continued play.  Typically this can be found for around 30 dollars, but if you shop around you may find it at a lower cost.

Rating: (3 out of 5 mincades)

3 out of 5

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