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Streets of Rage is back…well, sort of. Streets of Rage as a series has officially been inactive since the mid ’90s, but the fans have done a great job of keeping the franchise alive and kicking. I previously made a video on the SOR community’s awesome ROM hacks, but I’ve yet to discuss their greatest accomplishment. In celebration of the iconic Sega beat ’em up turning 25 and my fourth YouTube anniversary, I’ve decided to return to one of my most passionate topics by finally reviewing the excellent Streets of Rage Remake! Thanks for watching:)

Slight correction about the Adam’s Story mod: Cajnatalie was the project lead and the rest of the team was comprised of Laucorn, Don Vecta, and Badjab.

Click here to download the Streets of Rage Remake (you may have to turn off protection settings on your browser to get the download to work):

Link for the save file to unlock all of the bonus content (download the first file on the page and follow the instructions:

Check out Streets Of Rage 3: Adam’s Story & the rest of the mods here:

Streets of Rage 2 Simpsons Hack:

Beavis & Butthead Do Streets of Rage 3:

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