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Like I mentioned on the Elm Street LJN Defender episode, I’d be posting some of my older reviews from my three shows while I’m working on my new video, and here’s the first one. This is from my original YouTube series, Cygnus Destroyer’s Retro Reviews. From the start of that show, I wanted to focus more on lesser known and obscure titles. However, Streets of Rage 2 has always been one of my favorite games of all time, and I knew that it would be a ton of fun to do a retrospective on the entire series. Doing this video made me loosen up from my strict policy against mainstream titles on this series, and I plan on covering more well known games in the future. Anyway, on to the original description…

Streets of Rage…need I say more? Ask any retro gamer to name their top five favorite beat ’em ups, and one or more of the Streets of Rage titles will make an appearance. To mega-fans of the genre, such as myself, these games are 16 bit perfection in a cartridge.

On this uber-long episode of CDRR, I decide to step out of my normal boundaries and cover the very well known franchise, which has been one of my all time favorites since childhood. This is an extra passionate, nostalgia filled edition, so crack your “bare knuckles” and jump into the fray with Sega’s stellar series. Thanks for watching!

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