Super Genesis II Turbo Ep. 56 – The Order MMXV


In this episode, GaminTank and Dark Morris discuss the controversy surrounding The Order 1886 and whether or not it is worth retail price.

What are your thoughts on The Order 1886? Let us know!

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Extra – Metal Gear So-kawaii ►

This episode also includes a first impression discussion of the titles Destination Sol and Pokemon Shuffle.
These discussions were not paid advertisements and no money was accepted or offered by either parties.

Destination Sol ►

This Week’s Hosts:
GaminTank ►
Dark Morris ►

Intermission Music
One Night in Neo Kobe City (Snatcher) – Masahiro Itami & Masaaki Iizuka
Out of Time (Castlevania) – Cover by Project Genesis ►
Jungle Jam (Contra) – Cover by Chris Kline ►

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