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iiRcade Premium Home Arcade Review | MichaelBtheGameGenie

In today’s review we are looking at the iiRcade Premium Home Arcade. Is the newest entry into the home arcade market as premium as the price would indicate and does the quality and ability to add games of your choosing …

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Satan’s Hollow Arcade Review

Satan’s Hollow was released in 1982 in the arcades and created by the same program who programed Tron the arcade.  It may be a “Galaga clone”, but it’s a dang good one. For additional posts by Gamester81: Click Here Join the …

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Thunder Jaws Arcade Review

A RARE arcade game to come by Thunder Jaws was Atari’s mash up of James Bond meets Jacques Cousteau. Your team of Aqua-Spies have given you the mission to discover and destroy the undersea lair of a modern day Sea …

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