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NES Complete Collection Chronicles December 2013

 I get a game to finish a very awesome set as well as a gift from a friend on YouTube in this month episode of My NES Complete Collection Chronicles. Check out Justin’s channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/G00DwillHUNT3R For additional posts by MichaelBtheGameGenie: Click …

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NES Complete Collection Chronicles June 2013

Mike added 20 new games to his NES collection in May and June including some very fun titles such as Darkwing Duck, Captain America and the Avengers. He also added an expensive RPG, and one of the NES’ most underrated …

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Guardian Saga – iOS Review

  A Dragon Warrior clone!? Is it good? Is it bad? Let’s find out! For additional videos by GaminTank: Click Here Join the new Gamester81 forums: http://dev2017.gamester81.com/forum

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