Team Pixelboy’s Wizard of Wor Arcade for the ColecoVision!

Released in early 2018 by Team Pixelboy, this is an incredible port of the arcade game Wizard of Wor to the ColecoVision!  It does require use of the Super Game Module by Opcode Games, which can be obtained from the AtariAge store.

When you start the game, the wizard will ask you to insert a coin.  Just like the arcade version, the wizard talks and taunts you.   Once you hit the # key, you get the coin up sound effect and you are ready to start by choosing a 1 or 2 player game.   The sound effects for the game are slightly off from the Arcade, but are still quite good.    The wizard has loads of taughts and things to say as you play the game, I still love the laugh he does.  Another feature I like is the computer controlled second player.  If you play a one player game, the second player is controlled by the Colecovision.  This adds a lot to the game as you can (and will) get shot, so watch out for that crossfire!  There is also high score table, but it does reset once you power off the Colecovision.


  1. The Wizards voice from the arcade game!
  2. Computer controlled second player in one player mode
  3. Colorful graphics
  4. Gameplay is very fluid
  5. Packaging looks great!


  1. Requires the Super Game Module, but it is worth it.
  2. Game sounds are a little off
  3. High Scores not retained at power off.

Overall I absolutely love this game!  if you are into collecting arcade ports for the ColecoVision, I highly recommend this game!

For more details go to Team Pixelboy’s site –

Rating: (5 out of 5 Minicades)

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