The LJN Defender #14 – Back To The Future 2 & 3 (NES)

Back To The Future 2 & 3 Thumbnail

  Back To The Future for NES started off the LJN Defender, and now, in 2015, the year that the movie takes place, it’s time to take a look at the sequel. Back To The Future 2 & 3, while still developed by Beam Software, is quite different than the original. Will Matt be able to defend this much hated licensed based game? Find out in the new episode of The LJN Defender! Thanks for watching:) If you’re new to my channel and you like what you see and want to stay connected with all of my new videos, then be sure to subscribe by clicking the link below: Follow me on Twitter and Facebook: @CygnusDestroyer and TheWiiGuy’s 8-Bit Stereo: (check out Nikola’s channel for the Wolverine music featured in this video and so much more). Check out and the MultiTapped YouTube channel:

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