The LJN Defender #11 – A Nightmare on Elm Street (NES)

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Hello, everyone! My name is Matt and I’ve been producing YouTube videos for about two years now. As a longtime fan of Gamester and the All Gen Gamers podcast, it’s an honor to be one of the new contributors to the site. My first post is my newest video, which was my Halloween review for this year. I know it’s not the season anymore, but anytime is a good time for an extra dose of Halloween. I’m probably going to post some of the highlights from the archives of my three shows during the wait between new videos, and I hope you guys enjoy them:) Anyway, now that I’ve introduced myself…on to the original video description.

Nothing says Halloween like horror movies, and October means it’s time to do the YouTube tradition of reviewing a spooky game. Here by popular demand is my take on the Rare developed “A Nightmare on Elm Street”. Much like its genre peer, “Friday the 13th”, NOES has received a lot of flack in recent years for supposedly taking a metaphorical dump all over the source material. Never fear, fellow fans of the Lewis J. Norman company! The Defender is here to prove otherwise and show that this title more than lives up to the reputation of this legendary franchise. Thanks for watching:)

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