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On episode 11 of The Raw and The Retro, Terence tackles Q*Bert and Pole Position and he does it solo! All green screen, all looking at the off screen “interviewer,” all the time!

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Terence hails from the tough streets of Raccoon City, where he co-founded CHARGE BACK FORWARD in 2010. When he isn’t eating large amounts of red meat, Terence enjoys playing adventure, survival horror, fighting, music, puzzle and platform games. His favourite game series include Lunar, Shenmue, Resident Evil, Sonic, Super Mario, Street Fighter, Virtual Fighter, Silent Hill, Splinter Cell and countless others. In 2014, CHARGE BACK FORWARD was rebooted as a Retro Video Game show that focuses on Terence's memories and current reviews of Video Games from years past. Terence in now featured as a co-host on the popular YouTube channel, 3killabytes (which is now featured on