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Resellers Thumbs Master 25

John Lester was the special guest from “The Resellers” season 1 finale!
It’s party time as Sean and Qarl finally take a night off! Will the universe allow them a break or will it be sweet karmic revenge o’ clock?

S1: Ep.25 – Finale Fantasy :

WHAT!? You never heard of “The Resellers”?

“The Resellers” is a comedy starring Sean Paul, the sole owner of Midget Pawn, a Pawn Shop that specializes in retro video game reselling.

He works alongside Qarl Flarkson, his sole employee, an electronic mastermind who fixes and modifies all kinds of games and consoles.

Every week in their shop, they come across all kinds of crazy characters, with only one goal in mind: Getting all their money, whatever it takes!!

They’re a mischievous but lovable pair of businessmen… but don’t you DARE call them RESELLERS!!!


Here’s the first episode of the series:
The Resellers – S1: Ep.1 – Scopin’ It Out


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