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Persona4 Arena, Alan Wake is Awake and Pirate transvestites?
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Boy has this been a busy week for me; I’ve been playing catch up on a large series of games all throughout the week, and just recently I was given the opportunity to spend some time with Alan Wakes: American Nightmare and boy am I impressed.
But let’s get straight to the news for this week!

“Yarrr matey, yer boobs are in my beard!”
PC Game, Pirates Of The Black Clove has been receiving a little bit of  interesting press attention lately.
No, not because it’s set out to be the biggest title of this year, and no not because it actually looks to be a sleeper hit, but instead it turns out the cover of this title is seeing an update between the American version and Japanese version… and it’s turning some heads.

Nitro Games has recently released the artwork for the soon to be released Pirates Of The Black Clove for PC and there seems to be a big difference between cover art between the Japanese and American versions.  On the American box art we can clearly see below that we have your basic burly looking pirate, beard, gnarly outfit and a grim looking grin on his face.


Now onto the Japanese version, below we can see that the name of the title is clearly here but nothing else is the same.  On the cover we see a busty looking gal who isn’t afraid to show a little cleavage in the “titular” department.

She is also baring a gun and not a faeblade as the American version boast.
The question at hand is why did the American version get the above work and the Japanese received a version that clearly was meant to help push sales to pubescent school boys who catch a sneak peek of their mom’s monthly lingerie catalog?
Question is knowing how American audiences are typically sold by sex the most, why did America not receive the cover work that Japanese audiences get?  It’s the same game, so why the change?

Japanese publisher Cyberfront commented on the art work change stating that “they wanted to avoid confusion with American audiences to the content of the game, and feel that American audiences might feel it to be “too racy”  Really? Has Cyberfront turned on an American television in their life?
I can’t go two seconds on TV without breast being shoved in my face (not complaining here, but hey now) and to say that American audiences wouldn’t be ready for something like this has proved to cause a rather large uproar in recent days.

To me, it’s dumb…hell it’s not even news worthy but who can’t avoid cleaver publicity like this.  As far as the cover art being changed in the future for the American version, I reached out to Cyberfront to receive comment on the release and they replied with a simple “No Comment”. Dumb? Yes. Pointless? You bet.  Do we want the Japanese cover art? Fuck yeah.

Persona 4 Arena is finally getting a next gen console release!

Earlier publisher, Atlus, sent out a press e-mail letting people know that they should “STAY TUNED!” about the release of the next Persona game.  The trail went cold for a few day’s and then the news was released, Persona 4 Arena would be released on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 this summer.  Along with the brief details of the console launch, Atlus announced that the game would be developed in partnership with ARC System Works, and that “Persona 4 uses beautiful hand drawn 2D anime style fighters and colorful over the top special effects to bring to life the characters from the critically acclaimed series”.

Atlus hopes to make Persona even stronger by pairing up with ARC System Works to move from the RPG market, and expand to different forms of entertainment.  Some fans may be outraged by this; their beloved RPG is being put together as a fighter? Yes it’s true, and I’m not a fan of it, but hopefully this will put the flood of pointless fighters out there to rest.  No further details about the release were mentioned other than people can expect the title to release this Summer.


Lastly, a quick update on some upcoming content.
I’ve been hard at work working on weighing in a final verdict on Alan Wake’s American Nightmare right now, I was given a chance to get access to the game a day before release and I can safely say that I have completed the game last night and a review is in process.  So if you have been unsure if you want to drop your hard earned cash on this digital only download, stay tuned for the upcoming review of Remedy Games follow up to the amazing Alan Wake!

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