Tiny Arcade Ms. Pac Man!


Released in October 2017 by Super Impulse – Worlds Smallest.  This little arcade machine has some nice features for what it is.

The packaging is really nice and colorful.  Being clear it allows you to see all sides of the mini arcade machine.  The cabinet artwork is exceptional, the controls respond nicely and the sounds are very good.  One feature I really like is this is the first little minicade I have seen released commercially that has a light up marquee!

It runs on 3 AAA batteries and has a built in on/off switch on the back.  The little arcade will self power down on its own if left unattended for more than a minute.  It will start back up again if any button is depressed or the joystick moved.   It has a keychain attached to it but think it is a little large for hanging off a keychain.    Also included is a nice manual and a small catalog that shows the rest of what Super Impulse – Worlds Smallest makes!

There are four total released in October 2017

  • Space Invaders
  • Pac Man
  • MS Pac Man
  • Galaxian


  • Cabinet artwork
  • Light up marquee
  • Controls are nice
  • Arcade sounds
  • Full color screen


  • 1 inch screen – can be difficult for some to see what is going on.

Overall I really like this little minicade!   The only fault I can give it is the small screen resolution.  the game is very pixelated but playable.

For more information, visit the Super Impulse website!


Rating (5 out of 5 MiniCades)

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