Vectrex – Whack A Mole Alpha 3 Version Review


Binary Star Software ( is working on a new game for the Vectrex called Whack A Mole!   Based on the popular arcade game, the player takes a hammer to “bop” moles back into the ground for points!   The latest build of the game now features the use of the light pen, which adds a whole new level of enjoyment!

The game can be played by one or two players, has 3 levels of play (game time length) and the option to use the Vectrex analog controller or the light pen.  When using the Analog controller, it sometimes is difficult to get to the corners to whack a mole.  However I really do like the hammer animation.  Anytime the hammer is on the screen, you must wait until the animation ends before you can move to another mole hole.   Using the light pen, you simply touch the screen and press the #4 button to whack the mole.  In this version of the game, you can get moving around the screen quite fast!  Typically higher scores can be obtained playing with the light pen.

If you do not have a light pen, there is a individual that is making them.  I have ordered one to do a review so stay tuned for that article!


He can be contacted at [email protected] or his website

Overall this is a very enjoyable game, pretty well done and appears to be almost complete.  I recommend playing it with the light pen!

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