VGBS 39 – Standout Famicom RPG’s; New NES Homebrew Pickups @ More

VGBS consistent? We will see how long that lasts! In this episode we cover NES Homebrew Pickups, the Friday the 13th Kickstarter, FFVII Horror Stories, Famicom RPG Gems and Unreleased NES Gems. Definitely a great episode! Also, listen carefully for a hilarious commercial spot from our buddy Eric Bishop. Be prepared for some awesomeness when you ask him for a custom project or how to fix one of your games! This is VGBS!

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I’m Jeffrey Wittenhagen, or thesubcon3 around the gaming community. I am an avid retro video game player, writer and collector. I am a published author, with multiple books under my belt and I have written for a few different gaming publications such as Nintendo Force, Pixel Nation and Retrogaming Times Monthly. For those of you who have been around awhile, I used to run vgMastersClub many years back. I am always working on tons of projects and put forth a ton of passion behind them all. My current shows are: VGBS Gaming Podcast - A weekly podcast where we BS about anything gaming and play bi-monthly homework games. We also have interviews with people around the gaming community. One Life Wife - A couch series where the wife plays games, both old and new, usually dieing quickly and I try to give her suggestions, which she usually doesn’t listen to! Single Credit Games - An unscripted series where I play a random obscure arcade game with a single credit and provide my unbiased thoughts on it.