VGBS 77 – TurboGrafx-16 & PC Engine Memories

We talk about one of our favorite non-Nintendo consoles of all time…the TurboGrafx-16 and it’s superior Japanese brethren the PC Engine. Come Join us for the great memories!

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Topics Covered:
Classic Capacitor Issues
Cord Extensions
Our Initial TG-16 Experiences
Bonk Talk
Tricky Kick
Gamepad Goodness
Cousin Bryan: Mad Genius (RIP)
Tracking Down the Consoles
Star Soldier Series
PSP Modding Emulation
Market Value: Then & Now
Japan vs. America (PCE vs. TG-16)
Shady Seller Tactics
Cheap Card Sleeve Alternatives
Ripping ISO Game Files to CD
PC Engine Memories Controversy
Turbo EverDrive
SuperGrafx & Other Obscurities
Henshin Engine & The Homebrew Scene
Scoring a Recapped Turbo Express
Neutopia II & Lords of Thunder Sealed!
Erased, Over, Out

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