Video game remakes: Which ones would you like to see?


It’s always great to see remakes of classic games.  We’ve seen it with multiple companies before including games like Final Fantasy VII, Shadow of Colossus, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time among many others.  Game companies are smart knowing that many gamers are nostalgic for classic games, and clamoring for remakes of their past favorites.

Nintendo seems to be the king at remaking their own games. One of my favorite compilation games was Super Mario All-Stars for the Super Nintendo, which featured remakes of Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros 2 from Japan (called Lost Levels), Super Mario Bros 2 and Super Mario Bros 3.  That game was a huge hit for Nintendo and sold a ton of copies for the Super Nintendo.

There are still many classic games that have yet to see a remake though. For me personally I’d love to see an original Donkey Kong arcade remake, Star Wars arcade remake, Ecco the Dolphin remake and a PaRappa the Rapper remake. These are all great games with unique gameplay of their own, yet with updated graphics, would make these games even that much better.

Here is an interesting article from that actually lists odds of some classic games having remakes done for them. It’s interesting to see games like Punch-Out!!! on this list with 3/1 odds of having yet another remake made. While they were wrong about stationery play because there actually is an option to use the Wii Remote as a two-button controller, it says a lot about how attached people are to classic gameplay and how poorly the Wii remake was received. Don’t know if you guys ever caught it, but even listed the Wii version as #3 in their 5 worst remakes article. It is a pretty entertaining read, especially if you missed seeing Mike Tyson and Princess Peach in it. Like I said earlier, for remakes I prefer it when companies stay true to the originals while taking advantage of all the advancements in graphic design.

So what games would you like to see remade, and why?