Walmart Exclusive Frogger MiniCade by Basic Fun!


Released in August (2017) by Bridge Direct under the Basic Fun label, this is Number 06 in the Arcade Classics Series! UPC: 88556109551.  Exclusive to Walmart stores

This minicade features the much nicer OLED full color screen like the Qbert and Centipede!  Better packaging and a nice arcade type cabinet design!

The packaging is very nice and has some great Frogger illustrations and artwork.  There are two packaging variations, A blister pack and a nice boxed version (which is exclusive to Walmart).   This minicade has a joystick and three main buttons – On/Off, three level volume and start.    The artwork on the minicade also is really well done, the marquee  and side art look good as well as the control panel.

The game plays rather well and just like the arcade the higher in level you go the more traffic and enemies start to appear to hamper your progress to the lily pads.

The sound effects are a problem though with distortions and the same song playing over and over (and it not the arcade frogger song).   I also happened to notice as you increase the volume of the game the screen gets dimmer.  I tried this with new batteries and had the same result.


  1. OLED Screen!
  2. Nice artwork!
  3. Mini Arcade Cabinet Design!
  4. Great packaging!
  5. Responsive control


  1. Sound distortions
  2. Same background song plays over and over
  3. Lacking arcade version of background music
  4. Screen dims as you increase volume level

Overall this Minicade gets the job done and is fun.  However, the sound really needs to be improved (The LCD version has much better sound) and more arcade accurate decals would have been a nice touch.

Rating: (4 out of 5 Minicades)

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