We Should Remove ‘Stadium Events’ From a ‘Complete NES Set’ when Collecting. Here’s Why



I think it’s about time we remove the elusive Stadium Events as a game to collect when looking for a complete NES licensed set. Here’s why.

It’s a variant!

Unless you’re collecting every variants like the games with the label slightly changed or all of the games that have three and five screws, if you already have World Class Track Meet, I think it’s okay to say that you’re good. Sure, it’s cool to say you have Stadium Events, and I’ve only seen one legitimate copy in my life from John Hancock’s Room of Doom (trademark pending) it’s not a title you’re going to stumble across any time soon.

More and more, recently, people will say they have a completely set minus Stadium Events. Perfect! That, to me, is a complete set because whether we’re playing Stadium Events or World Class Track Meet, we’ll be playing the same game with the same options and the same music.

Agree? Disagree? Tell us in the comments below.

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