Welcome to the 8-Bit Kitty Revolution!!!


8bitkitty.com is a new website that launched at the 2nd annual Game On Expo in Mesa, Arizona (August 5th, 2016). It is a community driven website created by two very passionate game collectors that simply want to do a service for the gaming community by providing a forum, free advertising, and give newly found artists the ability to make their mark. The site includes a constantly updated Microsoft Excel spreadsheet of a video game checklist for many consoles, a complete forum ranging from retro gaming, to conventions, Pokemon Go, and much more, a marketplace with constantly updated product listings (think of a retro game store, but online with the options to buy, sell and trade), a page dedicated to gaming personalities big and small, artist pages for artists to show off their work, news articles written by 8bitkitty.com members, and is the home page for the 8-bit Retro Kitty Cast podcast. This website was created with the end user in mind, and is going to be a constantly growing project. The soft launch of the website was deemed very successful with a significant burst in traffic to Facebook and Twitter pages for the site. 8bitkitty.com will always be a free website, the only money spent on the page is for purchasing products in the shop, and fees for selling your own items in the marketplace.



8bitkitty.com is striving to be a very cool project and is in need of people like you to help make it grow. The website owners both work full time jobs and do their absolute best to maintain and keep the site up to date. Recommendations are always welcome and I do hope you visit our website, join the forum, tell your friends about it, and help the community grow.

In the end, this is for you, the person reading this article. The pieces are created, and we need your help to put this masterpiece out there for the world to see.

Please send any questions, concerns, compliments, dislikes, changes and improvements to [email protected]

Thank you for reading, and Game on Gamers!