Wii U Review: New Super Mario Bros U



I’m back, with a short (unprofessional) review of the latest Mario installment. This video is really just me praising the game. I could have expanded way more, but this is using unfinished video footage from December 2012, hence why there isn’t really a conclusion. My opinion of this game is that it’s amazing and you should go pick it up. Subscribe to my channel for upcoming videos.

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About The8bitMatt

Matt is a young but keen gamer, with a passion for everything new and retro. He grew up with an older brother who introduced him to many systems, ranging from the Amstrad CPC 464 to the NES. As well as having a huge interest in retro gaming, he loves current gen games, and personal favorites include the Elder Scrolls series, along with the Half Life franchise. Besides gaming, Matt loves to play guitar, cook food and socialize. He's pretty new to video making, and hopes to build up his video skills with your support and enthusiasm, so that in mind, stay tuned for more gaming related videos! Favorite Systems: NES, SNES, N64, PS2, Dreamcast, XB360, Favorite Games: Most Super Mario games (SMW2 & SMB3 preferably) Oblivion, Skyrim, Half Life 2, Dizzy Series, COD... Just kidding ;)