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First off let me start off by mentioning that I’m a huge fan of the gaming community on YouTube.  I’ve been a part of it since 2008, and have been making videos nearly every week since 2009.  I’ve made some great friends, and have had the pleasure meeting up with many gamers who are a part of the community in person.  I must say it’s actually a really cool experience to meet up with someone in person, and it feels like we’ve known each other for a long time. I’d say that 99% of the people in the gaming community are sincere people who share a great hobby and passion for gaming.

Unfortunately through the years I’ve seen a lot of eDrama as well, and I’ve witnessed channels being shut down and people poked fun of.  I myself am not immune to the eDrama on YouTube.  I’ve had “trolls” make fun of my looks, what I do, and they have made personal attacks not only at me, but my family as well.  I’ve grown accustomed to it though over the years, and generally look the other way when people make these personal attacks at me.  It’s hard though when people make attacks at good friends of mine.

Recently some really close friends of mine who have been putting tons of time and effort into their show had asked if anyone would be willing to chip into their show. They are financially struggling and are looking to make their show their full time gig.  They don’t have the financial resources to purchase tools they need to help make the show better and to help it grow.  I can appreciate their passion and dedication that they put into their show, and I know that several of their episodes alone have cost them hundreds of hours in editing and time.

Many people think that YouTube Adsense pays the big bucks.  Unfortunately that’s not true in most cases.  I personally am fortunate to have a full time day job and have Gamester81 as a hobby that I too hope continues to grow and get bigger. Would I love for it to become full time? Absolutely, but I have a long way to go before it ever gets there, and realize that it may never get to that point.  Every cent that I make from Adsense for me personally is put back into my show.  I was able to buy a new camera a year ago, I recently purchased new lavalier mics to help with my audio and it helps with my travel expenses for trips like PAX and Classic Gaming Expo in Vegas.  A lot of my personal money is also put into the show to make it better, because not even my Adsense revenue can cover all of my expenses and time for that matter that I put into my channels.

Recently a video went up on YouTube calling these guys “eBeggers”. Really…eBeggers? I often feel that the terms “eBegging” and “Sellout” are often used with very little understanding what these terms actually mean.  What’s a “Sellout”? Just because someone is successful, does that make them a “Sellout”?  What’s an “eBegger”?  I personally believe that an “eBegger” is someone who asks for money with no intentions of giving back in return.  In this situation with my friends, they had asked for donations so that they can put it back into their show.  Which in returns provides FREE entertainment for thousands of people.  The way I see it, it’s people’s money and they can donate or not donate if they choose.  I saw this guy’s video, and he made personal attacks at both of these guys on their show.  First off, who gives this guy the right to judge others? If people want to help support their show, it’s their business and not his, so he needs to move on and focus on more important matters.

The moral of this post is that eDrama can happen to anyone in the YouTube gaming community.  I’m sure a lot of it stems from jealousy.  My advice to anyone who may have been “trolled” or have had harsh comments in any of their videos is to remain positive, don’t take it personal and always take the high road.  I consider myself lucky to be a part of the YouTube gaming community, and I truly have made some awesome friends because of it. I’m not going to let some sour grapes ruin it for me or anyone else for that matter.  Life’s too short after all.

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