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Hailing from the mighty mighty New England area, Eric Durant (NightOfTheLiving8Bit) has been an avid collector and gamer since the late 80's. Erics primary focus is on PC games ranging from the 90's up until modern day's but also gives insight unto certain topics of the gaming industry and brings a large and vast knowledge to the community. Erics taste in games range from everything to dungeon crawlers to modern blockbuster shooters, while being cynical at times, he always gives fair insight into what makes games in particular great. It's never as simple as a 10 point score or a letter score with Eric, to find the real meaning behind the numbers, you'll have to read his highly detailed reviews and gaming articles that never seem to skip out on what makes games great, no matter how terrible some games can be!

The Worlds Largest Retro Arcade-Funspot!

Funspot located in Laconia, New Hampshire and home to ACAM (American Classic Arcade Museum) aka the “worlds largest collection of classic arcade machines”. The majority of their machines range from the early 70’s to no later than early 90’s.  Mainly …

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