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Months Later w/ PS5 -vs- Xbox -vs- Oculus Quest 2 – Things I LOVE & HATE

I’ve had the new PS5, Xbox Series X & Oculus Quest 2 for several months now, and here are my updated impressions. The Good, the bad…and yes…the ANNOYING PS5 controller DRIFT!!! **GAH** For additional posts by MetalJesusRocks:  Click Here Join the …

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Microsoft, PLEASE add these Xbox games to XBOX SERIES X!

The Xbox Series X has a ton of backwards compatible games, but I want more! GAMES SHOWN * James Bond * Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance * Darkwatch * Manhunt * SSX Tricky * Thief Deadly Shadows * Alpha Protocol * …

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Xbox Series X – Likes, Dislikes & GAMES I’m PLAYING!

  My thoughts after owning the Xbox Series X console for 1 month. The good, the bad and the things I would change. Plus I share the games I’m playing on it now!

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Buying PS5 and/or Xbox Series X – Did I make the right decision?!

Should I get the Playstation 5 (PS5) or Xbox Series X? Let’s look at the games, backwards compatibility, hardware and pricing. Oh yeah, and what about the 4K Nintendo Switch & PC Gaming!?

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