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Walmart Exclusive Frogger MiniCade by Basic Fun!

  Released in August (2017) by Bridge Direct under the Basic Fun label, this is Number 06 in the Arcade Classics Series! UPC: 88556109551.  Exclusive to Walmart stores This minicade features the much nicer OLED full color screen like the …

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Leave Battlefront and Jontron Alone – Starwars Battlefront Review

Ok so I go on a little rant about Battlefront and the negative attitude of gamers in general. I talk about the whole Jontron Walmart and Anna Kendrick commercial. Facebook https://www.facebook.com/MediaGlitchShow Twitter https://twitter.com/joelvallie TUMBLR http://mediaglitchshow.tumblr.com INSTAGRAM https://instagram.com/jvvallie For additional posts …

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Walmart Exclusive Nintendo Wii U Super Mario Maker system bundle unboxing

In this video I show what’s included with the Wal-Mart exclusive Super Mario Maker Wii U bundle that includes an exclusive Amiibo. Gamester81 Shirts: http://www.chopshopgoods.com/category_s/1951.htm My Star Wars fan site: http://swnut77.com Follow me at: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Gamester81FanPage Twitter: https://twitter.com/gamester81 Instagram: http://instagram.com/gamester81 …

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